A Specialist in Endocrinology, Diabetes, and Metabolism

What Is Endocrinology?

After receiving a Bachelor of Science degree in Physics, Dr. Monica Doerr attended the University of Miami School of Medicine and graduated with an MD degree. She then completed an internship and residency in the Department of Internal Medicine at the University of Texas Health Science Center in San Antonio.

She was invited to stay on as a faculty member and worked there for two a half years before moving to North Carolina to study the subspecialty of Endocrinology, Diabetes, and Metabolism at UNC in Chapel Hill. She completed that Endocrine fellowship training in 1997 and then moved to High Point.

When she first came to High Point, she founded Cornerstone Endocrinology and worked with that organization until 2010. She was then offered a position at the VA Medical Center in Salisbury. After working there for less than three years, she was promoted to Program Manager for Endocrinology.

She was then recruited back to High Point by a former colleague and joined the UNC Regional Physicians group in October of 2015. Until the end of September of 2019, she had been seeing her patients in an office at 300 Gatewood Avenue in High Point. She recently transitioned to an independent solo medical practice. She is married and has two children (a son born in 1997 and a daughter born in 2000). In her very limited spare time, she enjoys traveling.

Dr. Monica Doerr
Dr. Monica Doerr

A few words from “Dr. Monica” herself about this change:

I grew up in a very small town in West Virginia that literally had one paved road and one flashing traffic signal. About a year after my family moved to Miami, I made up my mind (at the ripe old age of 12) that I was going to be a doctor when I “grew up”. I could not think of anything I wanted to spend my life doing more than figuring out what was wrong with people and helping them feel better. Of course, a whole lot has changed in the world of medicine since I completed my endocrine training in 1997. I figured out that trying to practice medicine in a large corporate setting was just not for me. Although it has frankly been very challenging to build a new practice from scratch, I am hopeful that everything will work out as it should eventually. I was smart enough to hire good people to work with me at my new practice.

I want to be very clear that my decision is not any reflection on the physicians or other health care providers in the Wake Forest Health Network. The vast majority of these dedicated and hard-working professionals in both Winston-Salem and High Point are terrific. I will continue to refer my patients to Wake Forest Health Network physicians for consultation on a regular basis whenever I believe it serves my patients’ best interest. I’m very grateful to the hundreds of loyal patients who have told me that they will follow me to my new location. If you choose to come to my practice, I hope you will find that it is “Just Right” for your endocrine care.